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I had the pleasure of working with Downriver Chip Co., a family-owned and operated business with a dream of launching a new brand that connected their Mexican heritage with their urban audience. They were eager to create something bold that would stand out to large-scale retailers. They came to me with a vision and the need for a comprehensive branding package. Once I was finished, they had everything they needed to launch their business.

Project Scope:
Downriver Chip Co. needed a transformation into a visually captivating and strategically positioned brand. At the heart of this transformation was the creation of a full logo suite, engaging packaging designs, compelling brand messaging, and a user-friendly website. The goal was to ensure their Michigan-made chips, tortilla chips, snack foods, and artisan snacks would jump off the shelves and resonate with their target audience.

Brand Storey Studio initiated the project with a Brand Blueprint – a deep dive interview followed by a comprehensive brief. Gathering existing assets and login information streamlined the process. With meticulous planning and efficient execution, Brand Storey Studio delivered all the assets within an intensive timeline, completing the project in just one day of client time.

During the Brand Storey Intensive day, I presented the nearly completed brand assets. We worked together to make minor tweaks in real-time, ensuring that every detail was perfect. By the end of the day, Downriver Chip Co. had everything they needed, including production-ready art files.


Recognition by larger retailers:
Shortly after launching their brand, Downriver Chip Co. took their new brand the Making it in Michigan where they were chosen to receive dedicated shelf space at the Westborn Market for a year. They are also currently in talks with an even larger national retailer that will be revealed later this year.

Brand Identity:
Downriver Chip Co. received a distinctive brand identity that honored their roots and appealed to their urban audience.

Packaging Design:
The vibrant and bold packaging designs were ready for production, making their products stand out on store shelves.

Messaging Development:
Compelling and authentic brand messaging was developed to connect with their audience and tell their unique story.

Website Design:
A professional, user-friendly website was launched to showcase their products and brand identity.

The client was thrilled with the process and the results. As they put it, "We were just so comfortable working with you." The smooth and efficient process enabled them to launch their new brand confidently and effectively.

Check out the Downriver Chip Co. website:

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