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I had the pleasure of connecting with Beyond Beach Tennis through a referral from one of my clients. This Ohio-based startup was eager to make a splash in the world of beach tennis but was in need of some guidance. They came to me with a Shopify website they had no idea how to use and no clear branding. Once I was finished, they had everything they needed to launch their business.

Project Scope

My mission was clear: transform Beyond Beach Tennis into a digital success story. At the heart of this transformation was the creation of a dynamic website, meticulously crafted to not only showcase their offerings but also strategically position calls-to-action for a seamless user experience. Setting up an intuitive online shop was crucial, as it allowed Beyond Beach Tennis to manage their e-commerce effortlessly.

A well-planned social media strategy will keep their online presence active with consistent posts. Automation will streamline customer engagement, and I designed impactful print materials to boost brand visibility. However, our ultimate objective was to equip Beyond Beach Tennis with the tools and knowledge to independently manage their online marketing.


Brand Storey Studio initiated the project with a Brand Blueprint – a deep dive interview followed by a comprehensive brief. Gathering existing assets and login information streamlined the process. Following the brief, Brand Storey Studio delivered all the assets within an intensive timeline, completing the project in just a couple of days.

Check out the Beyond Beach Tennis website:

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