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When Fat Bunny Farm approached me to create their logo, I couldn't contain my excitement! Not only was I thrilled to help bring their idea to life, but their mission really resonated with me. Their connection with nature, love for homegrown food, and handmade goods truly inspired me to create something extraordinary!

Together, we envisioned a logo with a rustic, handcrafted feel. We decided to embrace the charm of wood block prints to achieve the perfect aesthetic. To create the design, I hand-drew an illustration featuring their barn, hemlock trees, and, of course, the adorable fat bunny!

But why stop there? I took the project a step further by crafting a comprehensive brand guide, unique patterns, and icons that truly amplified Fat Bunny Farm's brand identity. I added an extra touch of whimsy to the aesthetic by also incorporating natural papers and dried flowers. The result? A playful brand identity that evokes feelings of connection with the land and sustainability.

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