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Up to 6 hours


In a focused and intensive session lasting up to 6 hours, I'll dive deep into crafting your visual brand assets. Whether it's creating presentations, designing trade booth setups, expanding and refreshing your website, or fulfilling a range of branded design needs, the VIP Day is your express ticket to a polished and impactful brand identity. Get ready to witness your vision come to life in just one day!

Deliverables are limited to what can be completed within the 6 hour time frame.

Step 1

Includes a planning call to get on the same page about the work that needs to be done, as well as a brief write up of the plan.

Step 2

Then I ask that you are available 12-6pm (near a computer) the day of the VIP Day to see work, give feedback and approval as needed so we can execute everything from the written up plan.

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