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House of Dank


I had the privilege of playing a pivotal role in transforming House of Dank's (H.O.D.) creative presence in the fiercely competitive cannabis industry. This case study delves into the dynamic journey that saw H.O.D. evolve its visual identity and rise as a trendsetter under my creative direction.

Monthly Creative Campaigns

One of my key responsibilities was shaping the direction for all of H.O.D.'s creative campaigns, which underwent monthly changes. This continuous evolution ensured that H.O.D.'s visual identity remained fresh, captivating, and consistently relevant in the ever-changing cannabis landscape.

Setting Trends in a Competitive Industry

Navigating the cannabis industry's cutthroat landscape demanded not just staying competitive but also leading the way. I took on the challenge of anticipating industry shifts and translating them into cutting-edge creatives, a role that became instrumental in H.O.D.'s success.

Staying True to Core Values

Amidst the ever-evolving monthly creatives, I remained steadfast in upholding H.O.D.'s core values and its distinctive edgy, grunge aesthetics. This unwavering commitment established a strong and recognizable brand identity in a crowded market.

In-Store Graphics and Compliance

Managing the design and compliance of in-store graphics across H.O.D.'s nine locations was a complex undertaking. I took on the responsibility of creating in-store Lightbox displays, exterior signage, banners, and store window decals. Each store had unique ordinance requirements, necessitating extensive research and communication with H.O.D.'s compliance officers to ensure compliance and avoid fines.

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