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AMT Watercraft

When AMT Watercraft, a new player in the US Virgin Islands boat tour industry, reached out to me for assistance with branding and establishing an online presence, I was thrilled to help them achieve their goals. Using my expertise, I created a customized website ensuring a seamless user experience and a strong "Book Now" call-to-action. I also optimized the site for mobile devices, recognizing the importance of accessibility in today's digital landscape.

In addition to website development, I implemented an effective SEO strategy and worked on compelling copywriting to enhance AMT Watercraft's online visibility and drive traffic to their site. While they already had an existing logo, I took the opportunity to infuse their brand with a fun and laid-back aesthetic that perfectly captured their unique identity.

To streamline the booking process, I set up their Fareharbour account and seamlessly integrated it into their website. Furthermore, I leveraged popular platforms like Trip Advisor and Google My Business to expand their reach and increase their visibility among potential customers.

With my assistance, AMT Watercraft now boasts a strong online presence that showcases their brand identity and facilitates easy bookings. I'm proud to have played a role in helping them establish their place in the boat tour industry of the US Virgin Islands.

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